new basic packages


AIRCONOMY® provides fresh air and a comfortable indoor temperature. This acclaimed system combines controlled ventilation with heat recovery and warm water underfloor heating. Previously, the components for each construction project were planned individually and assembled specifically. Due to the large demand and based on our many years of experience, we have now developed new AIRCONOMY® basic packages. These pre-assembled full packages give the customer a complete heating and ventilation system based on a modular principle.

AIRCONOMY® now has the ideal package for any size of living area, including kits for 100m², 150m² and 200m². The AIRCONOMY® basic packages contain all system components required for installation. There are two main component packages: Floor Construction and Ventilation Unit and Exhaust Air. The Floor Construction package includes the heating pipes, the heating circuit manifold with control technology, the folding panels and the floor duct system with ducts for air distribution in the rooms. The Ventilation Unit and Exhaust Air kit comprises the ventilation unit, the exhaust air duct system as well as the exhaust air disc valves and the combination cover. 

The packages can, of course, also be used separately. This gives the customer the option of choosing only the floor construction with the AIRCONOMY® system module or only the ventilation unit. This means that the AIRCONOMY® basic packages can be combined to meet the individual specifications of any construction project. If the AIRCONOMY® cooling function is also required, this can be purchased separately. 

The new basic packages optimise AIRCONOMY® ordering and delivery processes. They allow wholesalers to order the complete system with just a single article number, without running the risk of forgetting components or having to store them individually. Shipping is also fast and easy. The basic packages also contain an illustrated parts list and are packed ex-works in the same order in which they are installed, thus saving time on the construction site.