The Advantages


Combining stand-alone solutions from different manufacturers is costly in terms of time and expense. The optimal combination of heating and ventilation in a single system offers a multitude of advantages. To create the ideal room temperature it requires careful planning whilst at the same time focussing on comfort.


AIRCONOMY® delivers a continuous supply of optimally tempered fresh air without creating draughts, which results in a comfortable room climate. The thermal comfort of the system has been confirmed by the Technical University of Dresden.

The whisper-quiet operation of a home ventilation system increases the feeling of well-being, whether it is used in a living room or a work room. The sound-damping effect of the AIRCONOMY® system module has been confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart.

Cooling during high summer temperatures: when required AIRCONOMY® can circulate cooled water through the underfloor pipes. Using the principle of passive cooling, heating is extracted through the floor. The cooled supply air is drier and therefore also contributes to the comfort.

AIRCONOMY® supplies fresh, temperature-regulated air to all rooms. The AIRCONOMY® system components ensure an optimal distribution to the living areas. Inconspicuous air outlets set into the floor under the window space allow a visually-appealing and draught-free flow of warm or cool air into the room. An extraction system ducts spent air through a heat-recovery system to warm incoming external air.

AIRCONOMY® is integrated into the floor and is almost invisible, allowing free and flexible interior design.

AIRCONOMY® is easy to clean. Hygiene standards are observed right from initial planning. The system has been certified by the Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen.

Ease of operation and user-friendliness characterise AIRCONOMY®. Whether it is a thermostat or a remote control, the ideal temperature is just a click away. If required, the system can be integrated into a home automation system.

AIRCONOMY® is a mature and proven technology that has demonstrated quality and reliability in building services over decades. We offer a 10 year guarantee on AIRCONOMY®systems.

Energy consumption is far less when compared with a conventional underfloor heating system, thanks to the heat recovery module and low flow temperatures. Energy intensive and wasteful ventilation by opening windows is also a thing of the past. In comparison with conventional products i.e. stand-alone solutions, AIRCONOMY® uses less energy due to the high efficiency of the heat recovery unit (97%). And in summer there is the added bonus of simple building cooling.

With AIRCONOMY® you control the comfort level for the whole building according to your requirements. The temperature in every room is set individually.