Design Center Deventrade (Deventer, NL)

Established in 1987 by John Pothoven, Deventrade, based in the Netherlands city of Deventer, specialises in sport clothing. The new Design Center, where the collections are designed, was completely fitted with AIRCONOMY®. The intention was to create a generous 3000 m² showroom complete with flexible display areas, open plan offices that encourage communication as well as individual offices for project leaders. AIRCONOMY® was ideal for this brief. The underfloor heating system gives pleasant radiant heat to the room, while the discreet ventilation operates efficiently, giving whisper-quiet air to the environment. The same surface offers cooling in summer, without additional investment in equipment.

Project details
Building type: New-build
Area: 2.625 m²

Name Size Date
Presse-Information Deventrade.pdf163 KB06/23/2015