Cleaning and hygiene

Germs, bacteria and dirt have got no chance with AIRCONOMY®.

This was the test result declared by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr area in Gelsenkirchen. The official certificate confirms that AIRCONOMY® satisfies the demands of room ventilation guidelines of VDI 6022. Apart from being perfect for domestic and commercial buildings, the system is also optimal for social buildings like schools and hospitals. In the tests the following 3 criteria were pertinent:

  1. The material should be resistant to disinfectants
  2. The material should not provide any nutrients for micro organisms
  3. It must be possible to clean the system

Name Size Date
Hygiene certificate.pdf471 KB06/23/2015

1. Sequentially installed AIRCONOMY® system modules

2. DMT test dust Type 8

3. DMT test dust Type 8

4. Test dust in the air intake

5. AIRCONOMY® system modules are contaminated with test dust

6. Contaminated test system

7. Contaminated test system

8. Cleaning of the air outlet with an industrial vacuum cleaner

9. Compressed air nozzle

10. The compressed air nozzle is pushed through the system to dislodge the dust

11. Compressed air nozzle during cleaning

12. Cleaning system "Hepaclean 4000" (manufactured by Lifa Air)

13. Before cleaning

14. After cleaning

15. Ducting before cleaning

16. Ducting after cleaning