Alternative 1: Window ventilation

In occupied rooms an air change of at least 0.5/h is required (according to DIN 4108-2 of 2011, Paragraph 4.2.3), this means that half of the total air volume in a closed room should be exchanged every hour. This would ensure a pleasant room air quality. Depending on the window opening, the following air exchange is caused:

Window ventilation does however have some disadvantages:

  • Noise and exhaust gases enter the room unfiltered
  • It poses the risk of breaking in
  • It can create drafts which impact on the feeling of comfort
  • Millions of pollen particles enter the building. Those with allergies tend to suffer particularly in spring and summer.
  • Heat and energy loss

Quelle: RWE Bauhandbuch, Ausgabe 14

In modern buildings ventilation is essential.

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